What is Don’t Pass Craps Betting Strategy – A Full Guide

What is Don’t Pass Craps Betting Strategy - A Full Guide

Playing casino craps is one of the most exciting takes for any casino player. Craps involve multiple complex strategies and if any player can use them strategically, craps is but a hub of wins. The don’t pass craps betting strategy is one of a kind unique craps strategy that most advanced players use to boost their game. The most crucial use of the Don’t Pass Bet Strategy is to cover multiple dice outcomes and cut down on inevitable long-term losses. Don’t Pass is a reliable betting strategy. So most players like to stick to it rather than going for any difficult ones.

Basics of Don’t Pass Bet Craps Betting Strategy

Let us start with the Basics of the Don’t Pass Bet Strategy.

The Don’t pass craps betting strategy is a fundamental stuff in the game. Another similar strategy is the Pass Line. When it comes to functions and applications, the two betting strategies are quite opposite to one another. In the Pass Line Bet, the players win when the dice roll 7 and 11 and lose when the dice roll on 2,3,12, in the case of Don’t Pass, the players lose if the dice roll 7 or 11 and win if the dice roll on 2 or 3.

The Don’t Pass Bet is placed just prior to the come-out roll during the initial stages rather than the exact beginning of any new round. Unless resolved, this bet can take multiple dice throws since it is a multi-roll wager bet. The dice in the game can show any number between 2 and 12. So it won’t always be the winning (2,3) or losing (7,11) combination. If the dice rolls any other number except for these, the Don’t Pass bet will lead to a win only when the number 7 appears before the point, otherwise, it is a loss.

To make the Don’t Pass bet even more fruitful, the Odds bet can be coupled with it. However, there are no built-in casino advantages for the Odds bet when this is used with the Don’t Pass wager. The house edge is lowered and that obviously increases winning possibilities. When making a “Don’t Pass bet” followed by an Odds bet. The players must wager more money than they expect in return. It is quite crucial to note that the “Don’t Pass Bet” is available only on the Come Out Roll. The Don’t Pass Bet stays as it is until there is a win or loss. If a player decides to place the “Don’t Pass Bets” they must know that placing it on the Opening Roll will not help in any way.

Combination of Don’t Pass Bet and Don’t Come Bet

This combination is a conservative one but is quite loved by the expert players. The popularity of this combination is quite prominent because it gives the option to the players to play safe and win both at the same time. The losses incurred through this game strategy are also quite small. For this combination to act properly, the player must first place the “Don’t Pass “ bet after establishing the point number. It is time to play the full double odds. Next, it is time to make the “Don’t Come” bet and then lay the double odds.

This same strategy can be used for the combination of Don’t Pass Bet with 2 Don’t Come Bets. This is an aggressive betting pattern that would not be approved by most pro players. While the previous strategy was safer and easier to play. This one is more aggressive and can bring you more returns if applied correctly and suitably. But, pro players try this strategy simply because it brings them wins that are more profound, steady, and high when compared to the bets on the “right” side.

Wrapping It Up

Craps is a game with options for various betting patterns and “Don’t Pass” is a unique one among them. Now the question is, is this strategy useful for the players, and should they indulge in choosing to play the game with this strategy? The answer is yes they can but they have to keep in mind certain basic rules like the payout and house edge percentages. It is also important that they keep an appropriate record of their dice winnings. Thus, can properly distinguish between the come-out rolls and other roll types. The typical 3% rule will also not be quite fruitful with such great Craps strategies.

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Author: Terry Jenkins